Head Chef

Thursday 26th August 2021 – Vol 001 Edition 00010 by Jim Campbell Tony Carty A Head Chef is a highly skilled professional cook who oversees the operations of a restaurant or dining facility. As far as the Head Chef job description goes, the first thing you need to know is that in their role, they… Continue reading Head Chef


Saturday 21st August 2021 – Vol 001 Edition 00009 by Jim Campbell Tony Hayes With Waterford Crystal employing over four thousand people at one stage, it is not surprising that I would find a glassblower in the county. Glassblowing is a glass-forming technique that involves inflating molten glass into a bubble with a blowpipe or… Continue reading Glassblower

Boxing Coach

Thursday 19th August 2021 – Vol 001 Edition 00008 by Jim Campbell Billy Walsh The sport of boxing has produced some of the most famous athletes of all time. Names like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and George Foreman are synonymous with the sport. Boxing was established as an Olympic sport back in 688 BC, and… Continue reading Boxing Coach

Resident Engineer

Saturday 14th August 2021 – Vol 001 Edition 00007 By Jim Campbell Keith Brazzill Irish Water (Uisce Éireann) is a water utility in Ireland. The Government of Ireland created the company through the Water Services Act (2013), which formally created Irish Water as a subsidiary of Bord Gáis to provide “safe, clean and affordable water and wastewater services” to water… Continue reading Resident Engineer

The Taxi Driver

Thursday 12th August 2021 – Vol 001 Edition 00006 By Jim Campbell Thomas (Tom) Byrne Most of us, at some stage, had reason to hire a cab, whether it is to go back and forth to work or the social night out on the town. Taxi driver entails several duties, tasks, and responsibilities towards helping… Continue reading The Taxi Driver

First Engineer

Saturday 7th August 2021 – Vol 001 Edition 00005 By Jim Campbell Terence Kelly A lot of people would love to travel the world but travelling the world as part of your work must be an aspiration of many. First Engineer Terence Kelly has travelled to many countries across the globe in his line of… Continue reading First Engineer

The Postman

Thursday 5th August 2021 – Vol 001 Edition 00004 By Jim Campbell Kevin Flanagan Receiving mail is something we all have in common. Be it personal or business, at some stage, we all receive mail. Maybe it is a letter from a friend, examination results, a present from a relative, a bank statement, or receiving… Continue reading The Postman

(AAI) Technician in the Army

Thursday 29th July 2021 – Vol 001 Edition 00003 by Jim Campbell Pte Owen Morrissey On a beautiful Thursday afternoon in early July, I made the journey to the Curragh Camp to interview Private Owen Morrissey for the ‘Day in the Life of’ series. Within a few miles from the camp, sheep were wandering unsupervised… Continue reading (AAI) Technician in the Army

The Barber

Thursday 22nd July 2021 – Vol 001 Edition 00002 Michael (Mick) O’Brien By Jim Campbell Early on Monday morning, I made the short journey to Peter Street in Wexford town to chat with Mick O’Brien about the ‘Day in the Life of a Barber’. Peter Street, a small narrow street that runs from St Peter’s… Continue reading The Barber

Dublin Firefighter

Saturday 17th July 2021 Vol 001 Edition 00001 by Jim Campbell Dublin Firefighter Caroline Gunning Dublin Fire Brigade provides an integrated frontline Fire EMS and Rescue service for the City and County of Dublin, a region with a population of over 1.35 million and covering an area of 921.7km2. Approximately 1,111 people are employed with… Continue reading Dublin Firefighter