CEO in Dubai

Trefor Murphy on

Monday 11th October 2021 Vol 001 Edition 00020 by photojournalist Jim Campbell Trefor Murphy The chief executive officer is one of many corporate executives managing an organisation- especially an independent legal entity such as a company or non-profit institution. CEOs find roles in various organisations, including public and private corporations, non-profit organisations, and government organisations.… Continue reading CEO in Dubai

Parliamentary Assistant

Wednesday 29th September 2021 Vol 001 Edition 00019 by photojournalist Jim Campbell George Lawlor Working as a politician’s assistant, you’ll provide administrative support to an elected politician. You’ll help with secretarial tasks, research, and publicity.   Although job titles and locations vary, the primary task is to do whatever behind-the-scenes work is necessary to enable… Continue reading Parliamentary Assistant

The Paramedic

Saturday 25th September 2021 Vol 001 Edition 00018 by photojournalist Jim Campbell Paramedic Rory Murphy When we see an ambulance whizzing by with the blue lights flashing, sirens blaring, we first wonder what emergency are they on route to? How serious is it? I hope everyone is OK? I hope it’s not someone I know.… Continue reading The Paramedic


Wednesday 22nd September 2021 – Vol 001 Edition 00017 by Jim Campbell Please share this article by copying and pasting the link Kevin Dundon The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodgings, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, travel, and tourism. It includes hotels, tourism… Continue reading Chef

Fitness Instructor

Saturday 11th September 2021 – Vol 001 Edition 0015 by Jim Campbell Please share this article by copying and pasting the link Andrew (Andy) Murphy A Fitness Instructor, also known as a Personal Trainer, provides training and instruction in fitness programmes to individuals and groups. The personal trainers motivate and guide clients towards their physical… Continue reading Fitness Instructor

Dog Warden

John Colfer & Cabrini Desmond Please share this article by copy and pasting the link by Jim Campbell Saturday 4th September 2021 – Vol 001 Edition 00013 Dog Wardens or animal control workers ensure that laws about dogs and other animals are enforced, which encompasses various activities. To begin with, dog wardens see that there… Continue reading Dog Warden

Apprentice Fitter

Thursday 2nd September 2021 – Vol 001 Edition 00012 by Jim Campbell Leanne Furlong ‘Fitters’ study drawings, plans, specifications, and blueprints to fit, assemble, and shape machinery parts and other equipment. There are different types of Fitters, including General Fitters, Mechanical Fitters, Maintenance Fitters, and Fitters and Turners. Leanne Furlong is the profile for Edition… Continue reading Apprentice Fitter

Head Chef

Thursday 26th August 2021 – Vol 001 Edition 00010 by Jim Campbell Tony Carty A Head Chef is a highly skilled professional cook who oversees the operations of a restaurant or dining facility. As far as the Head Chef job description goes, the first thing you need to know is that in their role, they… Continue reading Head Chef

Resident Engineer

Saturday 14th August 2021 – Vol 001 Edition 00007 By Jim Campbell Keith Brazzill Irish Water (Uisce Éireann) is a water utility in Ireland. The Government of Ireland created the company through the Water Services Act (2013), which formally created Irish Water as a subsidiary of Bord Gáis to provide “safe, clean and affordable water and wastewater services” to water… Continue reading Resident Engineer

The Taxi Driver

Thursday 12th August 2021 – Vol 001 Edition 00006 By Jim Campbell Thomas (Tom) Byrne Most of us, at some stage, had reason to hire a cab, whether it is to go back and forth to work or the social night out on the town. Taxi driver entails several duties, tasks, and responsibilities towards helping… Continue reading The Taxi Driver